Information Technology Solutions

Information technology continues to have a revolutionary impact on businesses in virtually every sector. IT is projected to have consistently strong growth as businesses continue to rely on innovative software, hardware, Internet, data processing and disaster recovery needs. Gwinnett County offers significant opportunity for development and use of information technology.

This targeted industry is divided into three niches: Data Processing and Security, Software Development and Computer Systems Designs. Each niche will continue to grow as firms that produce video games, program software, data security and telecommunications relocate to Gwinnett County.

Data Centers, in particular, can take advantage of industry-specific assets in Gwinnett and North metro Atlanta. Providing extensive fiber optic infrastructure, competitive power rates, multiple service providers and diverse location options that include existing raised-floor facilities and discrete green space, metro Atlanta cultivates a thriving and optimal Data Center business environment.

Gwinnett County has a healthy private sector IT presence, as well. Gwinnett County knows the key to growth will be providing support structures for local IT firms and individuals with the potential to expand or create new ventures.

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