Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management refers to the processes and entities that influence the path goods take between manufacturing and delivery to customers. This target includes activities such as inventory management, purchasing, transportation, distribution, warehousing, sequencing of resources, material handling and supply chain continuity.

For Gwinnett County, this target contains two niches: Wholesale Trade and Distribution and Warehousing. Wholesale Trade involves firms that act as intermediaries between manufacturers and end-use customers. Wholesalers involve companies that buy directly from manufacturers and sell to large corporations, institutions and the government. Firms that store and deliver goods along the supply chain are also included in this targeted industry.

Gwinnett County is focused on strengthening the supply and distribution channels for existing firms in manufacturing, wholesale trade and relation sectors, and utilizing trade opportunities that can be derived from Gwinnett’s international workforce. The future of logistics is in supply-chain management, as the industry is now focused on the use of technology to manage and optimize the entire process.

Gwinnett County’s strengths are in durable and non-durable merchant wholesalers and has growth opportunities in truck transportation, support activities for transportation, and warehousing and storage operations. Gwinnett’s potential in this target will be somewhat dependent on its ability to leverage Atlanta’s regional assets.

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