Gwinnett's pro-business environment is the product of state statutes, economic Business-Incentives-Brochure-2016-buttondevelopment practices, business development support, fiscal conservatism, community leadership, and an innovative, progressive business community. Here are just a few facts that illustrate how Gwinnett speaks business:

Low corporate taxes: Georgia was the first southeastern state to pass single-factor corporate tax apportionment. This means that in-state sales are the only relevant factor in determining the portion of taxable income to which the 6 percent corporate tax rate is applied.

Corporate presence: Industry giants Kaiser Permanente, Asbury Automotive, ADCO, WestRock and NCR are just a few of stellar companies that chose Gwinnett for their headquarters.

Global Outreach: Gwinnett County is the 2014 recipient of the International Economic Development Council's Award of Excellence for Global Business Outreach Efforts.

High Bond Rankings: Gwinnett County has enjoyed AAA status by all three rating agencies since 1997, making Gwinnett one of a handful of counties in the U.S. to hold the distinction.

Business development support: Gwinnett’s Department of Economic Development has industry experts and project managers whose sole responsibility is to help businesses expand. These professionals connect companies large and small to government and business leaders at home and abroad; represent the state’s industries at conventions and meetings worldwide; and provide a wealth of data and analysis to inform decision-making.

Community leadership: Strong, forward-thinking community leadership is a key component to Georgia’s pro-business approach. The Gwinnett Department of Economic Development, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Economic Development Association and dozens of other development agencies statewide assist businesses in connecting to and communicating with communities, educating a diverse workforce, and promoting the growth of their industries.