Community Improvement Districts (CIDs)

A Community Improvement District (CID) is an association of property owners in a defined area who voluntarily tax themselves in order to fund improvements within the district’s boundaries. CIDs seek to improve business development opportunities and enhance property values by developing and promoting coordinated transportation and community character developments to benefit property owners, business owners and residents in their specific district.

Gwinnett County is home to five CIDs: Gwinnett Place CID (Pleasant Hill Road and surrounding areas), Gwinnett Village CID (Jimmy Carter Boulevard), Lilburn CID (Highway 29 corridor), Evermore CID (Highway 78 corridor) and Braselton CID.

gwinnett_place_cid_mapGwinnett Place CID

The mission of the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District is to enhance the economic vitality of Gwinnett’s central business district by strengthening the area’s role as the center of commercial activity. Including the most recent plans to begin replacing the Pleasant Hill Road Bridge, the Gwinnett Place CID continues to collect illegal signs, remove trash, maintain area landscaping and plan for long-range traffic upgrades to compliment Metro Atlanta’s vibrant community.

A number of key improvement projects already benefit those working and visiting the area:

  • I-85/GA 316 interchange reconstruction for faster expressway travel
  • Numerous enhancements centered on pedestrian safety and mobility
  • Widening of all major thoroughfares serving the area
  • Way-finding and signage additions to increase mobility
  • Traffic signal optimization to reduce commuter congestion
  • Twice weekly right-of-way maintenance throughout the District
  • Community patrols that enhance security
  • Extensive landscaping upgrades along I-85 and throughout the District
  • Gateway monuments and streetscaping projects that brand the area

gwinnett_village_cid_mapGwinnett Village CID

The mission of the Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District is to increase property values, promote business development and improve the quality of life for all those who live, work, and play in the village. Gwinnett Village CID currently generates about $2.5 million in annual revenue to achieve this mission and their goals of leveraging CID funding, decreasing crime and traffic congestion, encouraging redevelopment, improving curb appeal and developing community pride. By targeting vacant or struggling shopping centers and replacing them with new, more sustainable facilities, Gwinnett Village CID is committed to providing an environment that appeals to businesses and residents. Their efforts have resulted in the recent investment of Wal-Mart in the vacant Greens Corner Shopping Center, an encouragement to more businesses to commit to the Gwinnett Village community.

lilburn_cid_mapLilburn CID

The Lilburn Community Improvement District serves as the active catalyst to improve all local perceptions of attitude and appearance, as well as business opportunity in the Highway 29 corridor and surrounding areas. The primary goal of the Lilburn CID is to create a Highway 29 Boulevard of Opportunity, a corridor that will extend along the current Highway 29 route from Ronald Reagan to Harmony Grove Road. Lilburn CID also hopes to develop its area by improving inter-parcel access along Highway 29 between Pleasant Hill Road and Jimmy Carter Blvd., building new access roads parallel to Highway 29 to relieve congestion, street-scaping and landscaping throughout the district and adding sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, parks and buried power lines to the streets of Lilburn.



Evermore CID

The Evermore Community Improvement District is an association of property owners along U.S. 78 in Gwinnett County who voluntarily tax themselves in order to recreate their community. The Evermore CID seeks to establish a vibrant, upscale destination, improve business development opportunities, and enhance property values by developing and promoting coordinated transportation and community character improvements. In June 2011, Evermore CID celebrated the grand opening of the Yellow River pedestrian bridge, providing walkers and bikers a safer route around U. S. Highway 78 traffic.

Braselton CID

Approved by the Town of Braselton in December 2010, the Braselton Community Improvement District is focused on creating a multi-use path system, known as the LifePath, along SR 211, SR 347 and Thompson Mill Road. LifePath will allow safe access from The Village at Deaton Creek and Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s River Place to Chateau Elan, Mulberry Walk and the Town of Braselton River Walk. The path will provide linkage between residential, retail and office buildings and safe mobility to pedestrians, cyclists and golf carts. Spanning portions of three counties, Braselton CID was created to encourage sustainable economic growth and development within its community.