Health Sciences & Services

The Health Sciences and Services targeted industry involves both Life Sciences and Health Care Services for Gwinnett County. This target encompasses the delivery and administration of healthcare, health research and innovations, and the translation of these innovations into start-up companies.

As the nation’s overall population ages with the Baby Boom generation, an increasing number of people will require medical services, hospital, nursing and at-home care. They will purchase trillions of dollars worth of medications, medical devices and other health-related products. Gwinnett is currently lacking in each of the healthcare services subsectors: ambulatory healthcare, hospitals, and nursing and residential care facilities. This necessity for development and improvement provides an excellent opportunity for a company’s future economic growth to supply the needs of Gwinnett County’s rapidly expanding population.

This expected escalation in needed healthcare and expansion of facilities will also provide better access to healthcare services for Gwinnett County residents. With this growth, the industry offers potential high wage jobs, opportunities for workers of all skill levels and contributions to the enhancement of Gwinnett County’s overall quality of life.

For more information or to speak with a team member, please contact Nick Masino.

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