The downloads pages provide convenient access to information including a Gwinnett County community profile, county-wide industry mix report or state job tax credits information in PDF or Excel formats.

The economic development snapshot for Gwinnett County provides demographics data on population growth, age, income and ethnicity, among other statistics. The information serves to inform and showcase the development of the Gwinnett community.

Gwinnett County Community Profile

Gwinnett County is home to a diversified mix of businesses that remain flexible and competitive admidst an ever-changing global economic environment. The services, retail trade, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and communication industries each play a role in the growth and stability of Gwinnett County.

Gwinnett County Industry Mix Report

In addition to the local tax incentives that Gwinnett’s county and city governments are able to offer businesses, the state of Georgia also offers tax credits to qualifying companies. State tax credits can minimize or even eliminate state corporate income tax, be applied to payroll withholding or be utilized in additional identified ways that support the success of the local business community.

Gwinnett County is categorized as a Tier 4 community according to the State of Georgia. For a complete listing of credits offered by the State of Georgia and how a company may qualify for credits, please click here.

Situated in highly educated metro Atlanta, an area which boasts 57 colleges and universities, Gwinnett County is focused on building an engaged and prepared workforce. With a strong workforce development system in place, Gwinnett has a labor force participation rate over 80 percent, higher than the state of Georgia and the national average.

Gwinnett County’s Workforce

The following documents provide comprehensive lists highlighting of the rankings and accolades Gwinnett County, metro Atlanta and Georgia have received.

Regional & State Rankings & Accolades
Gwinnett County Rankings & Accolades