Cost of Living

Gwinnett County offers a cost of living that remains competitive relative to metro Atlanta and the U. S. The overall cost of living in Gwinnett supports a higher quality of life for families and provides local residents with a proportionately greater disposable income that can be used for recreation, savings or other activities offered throughout the county.

Cost of Living Index

Cost of Living (U.S. = 100)
Cost of Living (100%) 99.6
Grocery Items (13.48%) 104.6
Housing (26.05%) 97
Utilities (9.95%) 90.7
Transportation (12.63%) 102.1
Healthcare (4.89%) 101.3
Misc. Goods and Services (33.01%) 101.5

Source: ACCRA, C2ER Annual Cost of Living Index, 2014 Based on data for Atlanta MSA


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