Professional & Corporate Services

Gwinnett County is home to the Fortune 500 global headquarters of AGCO Corporation and Asbury Automotive Group, with more than 60 international companies choosing Gwinnett for their U.S. or global headquarter operations. This target focuses on Gwinnett County retaining, capturing, and attracting firms specializing in professional, business, and administrative support services, and leveraging professional service opportunities from Gwinnett’s global workforce.

Working to address the needs of existing businesses and ensuring they perceive Gwinnett County as a business-friendly place is a powerful means of attracting and growing corporate headquarters and regional divisional headquarters. Gwinnett County strives to capture local service opportunities from the metro Atlanta region and engage headquarters of companies with parent or subsidiary offices already located in the Gwinnett or Atlanta region.

For more information or to speak with a team member, please contact Nick Masino.

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