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Gwinnett Businesses Welcomed at New Company Reception

(GWINNETT- METRO ATLANTA) February 18, 2016- Gwinnett Chamber Economic Development welcomed the County’s relocated and expanded businesses for 2015 at its annual New Company Reception last evening. The event, designed to honor companies for their growth, success, and investment in the community, was attended by over 100 business leaders and representatives from new and expanding…
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KRAIBURG TPE Opens New Facility in Gwinnett County

Global manufacturer’s expansion creates $15 million in investment in Buford (GWINNETT- METRO ATLANTA) November 11, 2015 – KRAIBURG TPE Corporation, in partnership with Georgia Department of Economic Development and Gwinnett Chamber Economic Development, German American Chamber of Commerce celebrated the opening of its brand new Gwinnett location with a ribbon cutting ceremony in the City…
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November 2015 Partnership Gwinnett Economic Development Breakfast

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2015 Economic Development Bus Tour

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August 2015 Partnership Gwinnett Economic Development Breakfast

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Q2 2015 Tech Forum Features State of the Tech Industry Report

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SELF Electronics USA Corporation Celebrates Expansion in Metro Atlanta

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LED lighting company opens new office and warehouse facility 

(GWINNETT- METRO ATLANTA) May 13, 2015 – Georgia Department of Economic Development and Gwinnett Chamber Economic Development, joined SELF Electronics USA Corporation to celebrate the expansion of its new office and warehouse operations in Gwinnett County, Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Located at 3264 Saturn Ct., the company’s 28,000-square foot Peachtree Corners facility will house the company’s sales operation, technical support, as well as distribution of SELF Electronics’ LED products to major America retailers.

“This new warehouse and office space is vital to meeting our market’s demand for immediate availability of our products, as well as supporting the growth of our sales and marketing team,” said Vivian Wang, President of SELF Electronics USA. “By expanding our operations in Gwinnett, we are reinforcing our commitment to this community, as we increase our efficiency and provide quality energy saving LED products to our customers through the U.S.”

Governor Nathan Deal’s office presented a letter of commendation congratulating the company and highlighting SELF’s commitment to the local business community.

“SELF Electronics USA’s decision to expand in Gwinnett demonstrates that our logistics infrastructure and skilled manufacturers have what it takes to attract innovative companies to Georgia,” said Gov. Deal. “Our pro-business climate, solid network of companies and longstanding business relationship with China continue to support Georgia’s thriving international business community. I have no doubt that this leading global company will continue to find success in Gwinnett County.”

SELF Electronics’ announcement comes on the heels of multiple international relocation and expansion wins for Gwinnett County, which boasts a global business base of more than 600 companies. SELF Electronics is one of a growing number of companies from China with active operations in Gwinnett County.

“Companies like SELF Electronics play a significant role in Gwinnett’s diverse economy,” stated Gwinnett County Board of Commissions Chairman Charlotte Nash. “Our business climate is further strengthened when companies, such as SELF Electronics, choose to expand and grow in our community. We congratulate them on this great accomplishment.”

“We’re excited that SELF Electronics has chosen the City of Peachtree Corners as the site of this expansion,” said City of Peachtree Corners Mayor Mike Mason. “SELF Electronics will be a welcomed addition to the growing list of innovative, global companies that call Peachtree Corners home.”

SELF Electronics designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of optoelectronic products such as full series LED lamps, LED displays, LED drivers, sensors and control systems. With a strong R&D department and production capability, the company has produced many custom-designed, high-quality products that are favored by clients both for residential and commercial applications. SELF USA’s new facility currently houses 10 employees, a distribution warehouse, technical support and a showroom. This expansion will help SELF USA to accommodate 10 additional employees, supply more product lines and provide higher service levels to customers. SELF Electronics’ Headquarters in Ningbo, China has been rated among the biggest exporters and manufacturers in LED indoor lighting industry.  SELF also has a subsidiary in Cologne, Germany, and sales office locations in Paris, France and ShenZhen, China.

“We work with our partners to create a welcoming environment for international businesses seeking to expand or relocated operations to our community,” said Nick Masino, Senior Vice President of Economic Development and Partnership Gwinnett. “As a result, many of the companies we support choose Gwinnett for their expansion into US markets and SELF Electronics is a perfect example of the sustained growth companies experience in this community. We wish them continued success.”

This project was a collaborative effort between the Georgia Department of Economic Development and Gwinnet Chamber Economic Development.

To learn more about Self Electronics USA, please visit

For more information, or to learn how to get involved in local economic development efforts, please visit

U.S. Go Goal Celebrates Opening of U.S. Headquarters in Gwinnett, Metro Atlanta

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Cabinet manufacturer opens new cabinet showroom and warehouse

(GWINNETT- METRO ATLANTA) May 7, 2015 - Georgia Department of Economic Development and Gwinnett Chamber Economic Development, joined U.S. Go Goal Cabinets to celebrate the open of its U.S. headquarters in Gwinnett County, Metro Atlanta, Georgia. The 3,000-square foot showroom and 35,000 square-foot warehouse represents the company’s first U.S. presence.

“Gwinnett County will be an ideal location for us to grow our business, being centrally located in the Southeast,” said Ellis Zheng, President of U.S. Go Goal Cabinets, Inc. “We are excited to join the impressive list of other companies who found a new home in this community and we are confident that this location will allow us to enjoy great success.”

Located at 6480 Jimmy Carter Blvd. in the City of Peachtree Corners, U.S. Go Goal Cabinets’ hopes to attract skilled talent within the region with its numerous part and full time sales and warehouse positions that the company is currently recruiting to fill. The company plans to open three additional warehouses and create 20 positions in the next five years.

“Georgia has become a hub for international companies to locate their first U.S. operations,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Chris Carr. “The dedicated group of economic development leaders in this community, coupled with the state’s vast international representation and a well-equipped workforce, not only help attract leading global companies such as U.S. Go Goal Cabinets to the state, but also enable international businesses to thrive here.”

“We welcome U.S. Go Goal Cabinets to the growing list of thriving international businesses who made Gwinnett County home,” said Gwinnett County Board of Commissions Chairman Charlotte Nash. “With convenient access to an international airport, as well as a skilled workforce and a strong business community, U.S. Go Goal Cabinets has the resources needed to be successful.”

“We are excited to add another international company to the growing list of businesses in the City of Peachtree Corners,” said Peachtree Corners Mayor Mike Mason. “We wish them much success.”

U.S. Go Goal Cabinets represents one of several global announcements in recent months for Gwinnett County, which is home to more than 600 internationally based businesses and more than a dozen China-based companies.

“Companies like U.S. Go Goal chose Gwinnett as the site of their Americas headquarters because of our connectivity to regional, national and international resources and markets,” said Nick Masino, Senior Vice President of Economic Development for Gwinnett Chamber and Partnership Gwinnett. “With the upswing in home building across the Nation, it is the perfect time for U.S. Go Goal to establish a U.S. presence, further highlighting Gwinnett as the premier location for global business.”

U.S. Go Goal Cabinets, Inc., a subsidiary of Chinese-based Roc Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd., designs, manufactures and sells kitchen cabinets to retail and wholesale markets. This project was a collaborative effort between the Georgia Department of Economic Development and Gwinnet Chamber Economic Development.

For more information about U.S. Go Goal Cabinets, Inc., please visit

For more information or to learn how to get involved in local economic development efforts, please visit


United Arab Shipping Company Celebrates Opening of North American Headquarters

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International shipping company relocates headquarter operations and brings 160 new jobs to the City of Peachtree Corners, Gwinnett County, Metro Atlanta Georgia

(GWINNETT- METRO ATLANTA) October 3, 2014 – United Arab Shipping Company, in partnership with Gwinnett Chamber Economic Development , Georgia Department of Economic Development, Metro Atlanta Chamber and Georgia Power celebrated the relocation of its North American headquarters to Gwinnett County and the City of Peachtree Corners, investing more $10 million and creating 160 new jobs.

UASC is a global shipping company that offers containerized and conventional cargo transportation, temperature-controlled cargo and value-added services to a diversified global client base, covering the Middle East, Europe, Mediterranean, Indian Sub-continent, Far East, Australia, West Africa and The Americas. The company purchased a 50,000 square foot building on Spalding Drive in the City of Peachtree Corners, Gwinnett County.

“The primary factors that we considered in our decision to relocate in Gwinnett were real estate cost and quality of inventory, access to a diverse and highly-qualified workforce, and the world class logistics infrastructure including Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and the Port of Savannah, where UASC has been a regular caller for over three decades,” said Dr. Anil Vitarana, President of United Arab Shipping Company North America.

This strategic relocation in Gwinnett represents a consolidation of offices in Cranford, NJ; Baltimore, MD; Norfolk, VA; and Savannah, GA. The Peachtree Corners facility will house executive management for the company’s North American operations, shipping logistics, accounting, finance and customer service activities.

“Companies like United Arab Shipping keep our state a leader in the global marketplace and strengthen our import/export infrastructure,” said Tom Croteau, Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) Deputy Commissioner of Global Commerce. “UASC is a perfect addition to our network of cargo service providers. I have no doubt that our skilled workforce and thriving business climate will help this company flourish in North America.”

“We are thrilled to welcome UASC to the growing list of global companies choosing to make Gwinnett County their home," said Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners Lynette Howard. "Gwinnett is an ideal location for corporations seeking a strong economic climate and a talented global workforce, and we know UASC will fit right in."

“This is a truly exciting day for Peachtree Corners,” Mayor Mike Mason said. “We would like to commend Partnership Gwinnett’s efforts, along with the collaboration between state, Georgia Power and regional organizations, in bringing this headquarters to the City. This addition to our corporate community speaks volumes about our business-focused climate and vast assets. We are thrilled to welcome UASC and look forward to a long-term partnership with this outstanding company.”

UASC just announced the formation of an alliance with two other major ocean carriers CMA CGM and China Shipping Container Lines. The "Ocean Three" Alliance will operate some of the world’s biggest container vessels on the major east-west liner trade routes and will set the stage for future growth and development of UASC’s services globally.

“In addition to incredible access to the high quality regional workforce and major interstates, Peachtree Corners offers restaurant and retail amenities that are valuable to headquarter operations like UASC.” said Bryan Heller, Senior Vice President, CBRE.

Bob Misdon, Principal with Cresa Atlanta, further explained, “The new space provides an opportunity for expansion in the future.” He stated, “We searched across Metro Atlanta for a high quality office building on ‘main and main’ with excellent exposure and access to amenities, essential to corporate headquarter operations, and 5515 Spalding fit all of these unique requirements.”

“United Arab Shipping Company is a welcome addition to our community, as headquarters and professional services are target industries for Gwinnett County’s future growth,” said Kellie Brownlow, Director of Economic Development for Gwinnett Chamber and Partnership Gwinnett.”UASC’s investment in their new headquarters facility truly highlights the resources and workforce base available in this community and further solidifies Gwinnett’s reputation as a hub for corporate headquarter operations. “

Lauren Lambiase, Senior Project Manager with Georgia Department of Economic Development, Brenda Robbins, Senior Project Manager with Georgia Power, Gregg Simon, Senior Director of Project Management with Metro Atlanta Chamber and the Gwinnett Chamber Economic Development team, collaborated on this project.

UASC was formed jointly between the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Republic of Iraq, the State of Kuwait, the State of Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates for the purpose of “linking the middle east to the world.” Today, UASC is a market leader and one of the most prominent carriers in terms of liner cargo as well as port coverage.

To learn more about the United Arab Shipping Company, please visit

For more information, or to learn how to get involved in local economic development efforts, please visit